Precious Woman I see you feel torn and broken
Your Pride and Dignity stolen as a war token
You fell in a what you thought to be a Sweet Love
To awake in the midst of a battlefield
Surrounded by shattered pieces
Covered in the blood of your Soul
Your hope carried away in your river of tears
Your dreams turned into screaming fears
Yet you find the strength to get up in the morning…

Not able to fully feel the rays of the Sun
The sorrow hasn’t ended trying to keep you captivated
Surrounding you with the bars of fear
Precious Woman may I hold before you a Mirror…

May I give words to your Reflection…
May I speak to you of Love & Truth…
May I take the lies away…
for the Truth will set You Free

Precious Woman know you are a thousand times stronger than your pain
Know you were hurt by those who fear you the most
Know you were belittled because you are a Woman of Graceful Grandeur
Know you were stepped upon to help you Rise
Know there is nothing you cannot overcome
Know that nothing was taken from you

This is a lie, a make believe Because your Heart is Pure you believed it to be true

Precious Woman shed these lies of a nightmare to Awaken into your Souls wholesome Truth
Precious Woman answer your Hearts calling
Precious Woman I feel your pain

Yet I Mirror You unspeakable Beauty, the Heart of a Lioness, the Clarity of a Waterfall, the Spirit of a Miracle

Precious Woman know All this and so much more to be True
Precious Woman I bow for the Greatness of You