A life filled with fast forward commotion, captured and reviewed in slow motion….
detached from all heart-felt and raptured emotion evaluated by the inner viewer as a soul’s potion.

Re-lived in the Now. Eyes able to see the majestic fake believe, manifesting itself to be played out as true.
Blaming game, the perpetrators always the other on the expense of you…
shedded skins like shedded tears.

Insights becoming true in the self reflection of the me through you.

Silently whispering fears screaming to be ignored. Randomly, superficially, eclectically bored.
Opening my DNA and cell memory where all this bullshit was stored.

My crystal life fluids altered to be restored in Bliss and Truth.
No fear of growing older for in this knowing resides eternal youth.
Quantum physics: I am not from this world, this world came from me…
for so called reality unfolds itself as you dream her to Be.

Never forget you came from nothing to return to nothing.
Never forget you are the centre of this Universe around which the Multiverse subsides.
May your Soul Awake.
May you Self Realize.

view with Love into this eternal Dawn that colors the Skies.