I started writing poetry when I was about 13 years old, my writings were of course quite girlish and young. When I was fourteen years old, my mother took her own life, Poetry was a way of expressing my deep pain and grief. I never stopped writing poetry.

In my late twenties I got a book with Haiku’s, it is an Japanese art form in which a few short written sentences are so deep and meaningful, monks spend years meditating on just one Haiku. This concept fascinated me and I started to write short poetry like sentences. It was very interesting to put this to practise, the whole concept of less is more and also aiming to capture so much depth in so little words.

Since I had always been using a lot of words in conversation, or just whilst writing down my thoughts, it was quite a challenge. In daily life I always practise a lot of inner reflection and throughout most of my days all kinds of inner processes and realisations take place. When I have a realisation or insight I put it in a few sentences which I share on social media, offering it as a possible start of a thought process for the reader… The more I practised, the more natural this way of writing became to me.

In my late twenties I started to realise most of my poetry was ‘born’ out of pain. Since I started meditating I became more aware of myself and started to feel more ‘whole’. I wanted this new ‘wholeness’ to reflect in my poetry and writings. I found a new way of writing in which I would be starting off from pain but always searching and testing my creativity to end a poem in wholeness. Now the concept of Wholeness is an inherent part of my writing style.’ It became leading in my way of thinking, living and being.

Throughout my life I encountered many different kinds of hardships. These experiences invited and inspired me to become more and more conscious and creative in finding answers and practise wholeness. My writings are my way of sharing those with others… Words to me are a strong and powerful means in which I create and formulate my own World… Sharon’s World of Words.

SHARON BOUTERSE has a background in Counseling, Consulting, Telecom, Digital Media Design and the Wellness Industry. She is mother of two daughters and the founder of ‘By-Share’, in which she incorporates 17 years of coaching experience.

A Visual Poem by Sharon Bouterse.